Conference Reports

  • Water Security in the Middle East, Montreux, Switzerland, February, 2010

    An international initiative on Water Security in the Middle East was launched at Montreux, Switzerland, on February 15-16, with two workshops attracting the participation of 60 leading policymakers. Workshop I on February 15, 2010 focussed on Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Workshop II on February 16, 2010 focussed on Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories.

    Montreux Report Final
  • Dhaka Declaration on Water Security, January, 2010

    Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) and Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) organized the Second International Workshop on Himalayan Sub-regional Cooperation for Water Security in Dhaka on 15-16 January, 2010. This is part of a long term process to build confidence and cooperation between countries that make up the Himalayan River Basin.

    Dhaka Declaration
  • SFG Workshop on Challenges of Water Stress and Climate Change in Asia, August, 2009

    SFG had organized its first international workshop on the challenges of water stress and climate change in the Himalayan River Basins, in cooperation with the World Bank and IUCN. The project is supported by the Asian Security Initiative of John D and Catherine MacArthur Foundation. The workshop was attended by leading scientists and former ministers from Asia.

    Kathmandu Report
  • Workshop on the Cost of Conflict in the Middle East, Zurich, Switzerland, August, 2008

    SFG convened its second workshop on the COCME report in Zurich in collaboration with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland on the 18th and 19th of August 2008. The following workshop attempted to identify the future costs of conflict in the region as well as the potential benefits.

    Workshop on the Cost of Conflict in the Middle East
  • Conference on Responsibility to the Future: Business, Peace and Sustainability, June, 2008

    The Conference on Responsibility to the Future, held in June, was inaugurated by Honourable President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, in partnership with several institutions from around the world and co-chaired by eminent business leaders from East and West. The issues discussed such as food and water security, energy security, climate change and clean technologies were based off SFG's report on the top global emerging issues in the next 20 years. The conference set a precedent for global conferences held in Mumbai.

    Global Security and Economy: Emerging Issues
  • Workshop on the Cost of Conflict Middle East,Turkey, March, 2008

    SFG convened its first workshop on the Cost of Conflict in the Middle East in Antalya, Turkey. The workshop was co-hosted by Department of Foreign Affairs of AK Party of Turkey and Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Switzerland and aimed to ascertain the various costs of incurred by the region due to the on-going enimities and conflicts.

    International Workshop on Cost of Conflict in the Middle East
    An Inclusive World
  • The Third Roundtable on Constructing Peace Deconstructing Terror marked the concluding inter-faith and academic exchange launched by SFG on this topic. The Roundtable was endorsed by the League of Arab States. It engaged important public institutions from the Western and Islamic worlds and the group of eminent leaders now numbered at 40 who attended the conference came up with 5 main solutions to bridge the gap between the West and Islamic nations.

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    Third International Roundtable for Constructing Peace, Deconstructing Terror
  • Alexandria Workshop Report: International Workshop on Global Extremism,Terror and Response Strategies, August, 2006

    Strategic Foresight Group in collaboration with SMWIPM Institute for Peace Studies and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized a workshop on global extremism, terror and response strategies at Alexandria, Egypt. It was and attended by 20 experts from different parts of the world. The participants presented analysis of terrorism and extremism in their respective regions and their suggestions for addressing the problem.

    Terrorism Workshop Report
    Third Roundtable Outcome Report


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