Water Cooperation for a Secure World -Focus on the Middle East, 2013

Strategic Foresight Group's new report Water Cooperation for a Secure World Focus on the Middle East details that water cooperation between countries sharing trans-boundary water resources is directly correlated with the security of nations involved in such cooperation and peace in the continent or subcontinent they belong to. Conversely, the absence of active water cooperation is directly correlated with risk of war between countries sharing trans-boundary water resources.Out of 148 countries sharing water resources, 37 do not engage in active water cooperation. These 37 countries face the risk of war and are home to more people on the earth than others.

This report presents a detailed analysis of ten successful regional water cooperation arrangements, including details of their treaties, structures, processes and operational realities. Drawing on experiences from around the world, the report presents the possibility for the construction of a river basin organisation or other forms of regional water cooperation arrangements.

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