June Conference Feedback
July 2008

The delegates at the SFG conference on Business, Peace and Sustainability have provided their feedback and comments on the discussions, debates and experiences of the three day event that was held in Mumbai from the 26th to the 28th of June 2008.

International Conference on Responsibility to the Future: Business Peace, Sustainability, held from the 26th – 28th of June 2008 in Mumbai

Thank you for an excellent conference, well organised. The attendance and discussions were both excellent and I learnt a lot.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, United Nations Global Compact

It was a great conference and you and your team carried it out wonderfully! Big congratulations! All my thanks for a really outstanding and stimulating meeting.

Maria Cattaui, Vice Chair, International Crisis Group & Former Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce

Thanks again for your hospitality and inclusion in the programme. It was a memorable conference, and congratulations on its success. Essentially, you organized a Davos-class event with twin focii: evolving India and addressing urgent global challenges.

Many indigenous participants remarked to me that they had not experienced anything quite like it before. They found it very informative and thought-provoking. Indeed, you succeeded in importing the global stage to an Indian audience and to Indian players primed to take their places around it and upon it. That is a great service to your nation, as well as an important interface for Indian and global cultures. My point is that you have laid a foundation worthy of being built on.

Prof. Lou Marinoff, Founding President, American philosophical Practitioner’s Association

It was a privilege and great pleasure to have attended your conference last week. Thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on an important subject. The conference itself was most useful and productive, and reflected new approaches and innovative thinking that is so sorely wanting today.

I must say I was deeply impressed with your organization, your own leadership style and the depth of personal intellectual content that you lend to it, and must congratulate you on the fine and very capable associates that you have to assist you. It will always be a pleasure to be
associated with you and SFG.

Ambassador (ret) Tariq A. Karim, Former Bangladeshi Ambassador to the United States

Many many thanks for excellent arrangements for facilitating the entire visit and participation. Your emails explaining eligibility etc are clear, non-confusing. It is something everybody should learn.

Dr. Y S Rajan, Principal Adviser, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

It was my pleasure to participate in the conference. I very much enjoyed being a member of the Media Panel, and look forward to collaborating with you and your organization again in the future. Together, we truly can make a difference in this world.

Your staff did a wonderful job coordinating the conference, and I would like to extend my gratitude to them, as well as you.

Ahmed Soliman, Newspaper Columnist and Author, New York

It was indeed a privilege and a pleasure to have participated in what turned out to be a superb event. My compliments on getting together such an accomplished group of people to discuss the serious issues that were addressed, and on conducting everything so efficiently.

General Satish Nambiar, Director, united Services Institution of India

Congratulations again for an excellent Conference. It was a great pleasure 
to partner with you.

Daniel Stauffacher, Chairman, ICT4Peace Foundation

Thanks for your excellent hospitality and a fruitful meeting. It was my first trip to India and it surely was an eye-opener to see the country's potentials. Your team did a great job and I send them my best.

Ahmet M. Oren, CEO, Ilhas Holdings, Turkey

It was great to meet with you at the above conference. It was indeed a great conference with active participation by almost all who were there. The credit goes to you for such a superb conference.

Jay Jethwa, Managing Director/CEO, HD Medical Group Limited, Australia

Heartiest congratulations to you and your entire team for hosting a great conference last week. The inauguration was par excellence and that part of the proceedings which I was able to attend was good going.

Keep up your excellent work, and I wish you and your team many greater successes in the future.

R K Vishwanathan, Priyadarshni Academy, Mumbai


The opportunity to participate in the conference on Responsibility to the Future - Business Peace and Sustainability is very much appreciated. I was enthused by the extraordinary individuals you were able to gather together. Their compassion for the world, its peoples and environment were clearly displayed. It was and will continue to be a transforming event. In particular my son Max found the experience enlightening and empowering. He had some extraordinary exchanges with participants and learned a great deal.

Your intuition, foresight and passion in making such an event successfully happen are a great credit to you and your countrymen. We shall visit again and again and from those visits intend to assist in creative enterprises and social projects.

Alan Liddle, Co Founder and Director, Immune System Therapeutics Ltd

Thank you very much for inviting me for the conference. I was just blown away by the same. My BNI director also was very impressed with the same. This will be a perfect plank for SME’s in India to really understand the work which the Global Compact is doing.

Sampath K. Iyengar, Chief Energizing Officer, Sam 7 Computers & Networks

Many thanks for the report. It is an excellent summary of what transpired and is very useful to us. The conference was a wonderful learning and sharing experience for me and my colleagues who participated from BPA.

Manique Mendes, Secretary General, Business for Peace Alliance, Sri Lanka