Big Questions of Our Time: The World Speaks
February 16, 2016

Strategic Foresight Group’s new publication ‘Big Questions of Our Time: The World Speaks’ brings together 89 thought leaders in 44 countries in an effort to define our emerging future. They reflect on the dynamics between power and principles, risks of the next global war, consequences of growing inequity, future of human dignity, among other issues that challenge the present architecture of global governance.

The idea for this publication follows the world-wide interest generated from SFG’s earlier publication “Big Questions of Our Time”, authored by the two co-founders of the Strategic Foresight Group. This time round we approached thought leaders from all over the world asking, “If you had to pick one question that would be most significant for mankind in the twenty-first century, what would that question be?”

This publication is truly a rare endeavour where thinking from the East and West, South and North has been blended to let the world speak in a participatory and inclusive manner.

This unique collection of ideas and perspectives also includes SFG research and analysis projecting political power play in 2050. The SFG research team identified seven sectors that will define how the world will be shaped in the twenty first century. Then, using over 50 parameters to analyse the commitment, strength and infrastructure of countries in these spheres in the context of their internal and global economic strength and comparing them on weights developed from the studied parameters, we reached an outcome which shows that 21 countries are likely to lead the world from 2020 to 2050 and perhaps beyond.

To download and read the full report please click here.

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