US-Iran Rapprochement Foreseen in 2008 SFG Report “Emerging Issues: Global Security and Economy”
July 14, 2015

The nuclear deal negotiated between Iran and the six major powers confirms the accuracy of SFG’s foresight from the 2008 report “Emerging Issues: Global Security and Economy”. In the publication we had looked at the possibility of a scenario where in the absence of military confrontation between US and Iran by 2009, a change of presidency in the US and internal changes in Iran could lead to a de-escalation of tension, gradual rapprochement, and evolution of a strategic partnership between the two countries.

We envisioned our scenario on the thawing of relations at a time of deep hostility between US-Iran. This scenario was revisited in an article written for the SFG website last year. To read the full article please click here