Ensuring Clean Water Is the Only ‘Water Issue’ That Can Be Currently Solved
Institute for Statistical Studies and Economic Knowledge, 4 Oct 2016

On the contrary, "the country that are active co-operation in the field of water resources, as a rule, do not fight each other", to share the results of Strategic Foresight Group (India), Anumita Raj said. To measure the intensity of this cooperation, SFG experts have introduced a special index - Water Cooperation Quotient (WCQ). A number of indicators are used for its calculations including, the number of inter-country agreements, treaties regulating the relations of neighboring countries, presence of joint bodies of water monitoring programs etc.

Some results of the two phases of the research (conducted in 2013 and 2015.): From Russia with Finland indicator Water Cooperation is 100 (reflecting the effects of the signed in 1964 an agreement on border water systems); Kazakhstan - 65.45; Estonia - 56.36. In 2015 WCQ Russia and Ukraine amounted to only 10.91 and with Georgia 0. If the index rises above 18.18 points, countries have the chance to establish a conflict-free relationship.

The full report in Russian can be accessed here