(In Russian) The countries are actively cooperating in the field of water, not fighting each other., October 10, 2016

Anumita Raj, representing Strategic Foresight Group, spoke on the topic of cooperation among BRICS countries in the field of water resources.

"The countries actively cooperating in the water area do not fight each other."

Anumita Raj explained to the magazine Rare Earth her point of view.

"I think this is a very simple and intuitive . If you invest in each other, if you have a dialogue in economic, political, security - you'll be less likely to fight, since you have an agreement, you depend on each other." 

Anumita offered a glimpse of the water not just as a resource but as a source of cooperation, opening opportunities in the field of security. 

The organization that Anumita Raj represents calculates the intensity of cooperation between the countries, using the index of Water Cooperation Quotient (from 0 to 100, based on the number of contracts, agreements and other regulatory documents and initiatives between the two countries).