Diana Philip

Senior Research Manager

Diana is a Senior Research Manager with SFG. She focuses on regional and global aspect of water cooperation and has been involved in the development of new parameters of international water law and conflict resolution on the frontier of the global policy agenda. She is also working on the futuristic analysis of global norms and risks.

Since joining SFG, Diana has examined legal issues pertaining to global water security and has worked extensively on the application of Blue Peace in trans-boundary water basins in different parts of the world, including South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She has worked on several research reports of SFG and is the contributing author to the forthcoming Cambridge University Press publication on Humanitarian Assistance.

Diana holds a B.A. LL.B from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India and a LL.M from Harvard Law School with a concentration in International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. As a part of the Harvard programme, she was given the opportunity to conduct field research in Kenya to evaluate the judicial system of the country and its capacity to hold political leaders and elites responsible for violations of law especially after the indictment of its high level officials by the International Criminal Court.  While at Harvard, she also served as a Line Editor for Harvard International Law Journal and headed a project on decentralization in Kenya for Harvard Law and International Development Society.

Prior to her LL.M, Diana clerked at the Supreme Court of India. She has experience consulting for UNICEF, India and has also interned at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (UNICTR) in Tanzania.