Anumita Raj

Senior Programme Manager

Anumita is a Senior Program Manager coordinating the Global and Asia Programs of SFG.

She leads the diverse team of the South Asia Security Unit, among other responsibilities in Asia.  She has led the horizon scanning project of vital security, political, diplomatic and related issues pertaining to the South Asian region.

Earlier Anumita was the Joint Coordinator of Horizon Scanning Unit (Asia). As Joint Coordinator of the Horizon Scanning Unit (Asia), she co-led a team analysing emerging trends impacting poor populations in South and South East Asia covering a vast region from Indonesia to India. These insights were collated as monthly newsletters as part of the Searchlight initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Prior to this Anumita worked extensively on water security in Asia. She was the Project Coordinator for the second phase of the Himalayan Water Security Initiative, focusing on issues pertaining to India, China, Bangladesh and Nepal. She was a principal researcher on SFG's publication 'The Himalayan Challenge: Water Security in Emerging Asia'. She was also the principal researcher on SFG's publication 'Himalayan Solutions: Co-operation and Security in River Basins'. She has authored several articles deriving from her research at Strategic Foresight Group. Some of these articles have been used at international conferences and reprinted by the media from different parts of the world.

Anumita earned her MA in Diplomatic Studies from the Diplomatic Academy of London, at the University of Westminster. For her Masters degree, Anumita completed her dissertation titled "The Impact of 24-7 News Coverage on India's Foreign Policy". She was also the Deputy Editor for her University Newspaper, 'The Smoke', where she wrote a fortnightly column on the US Presidential Election, 2008. Anumita completed her Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from Stella Maris College, receiving her degree from the University of Madras.