Big Questions of Our Time: The World Speaks

“If you had to pick one question that would be most significant for mankind in the twenty-first century, what would that question be?” This question was presented to thought leaders from all parts of the world.

Strategic Foresight Group then set about compiling the contributions of 89 thought leaders from 44 countries in a follow-up to its landmark 2012 publication, Big Questions of Our Time. This unique collection of ideas and perspectives also includes SFG research and analysis projecting political power play in 2050 driven by the scientific and technological prowess of countries.

In the next 30-40 years, the societies that have invested in science and technology will guide the destiny of 9 billion that may inhabit our planet by 2050. These are the societies that have recognised the importance of the following sectors:

• Nano-technology

• Rare earth elements

• Outer space

• Arctic

• Synthetic biology and genomics

• Nuclear fusion

• Artificial general intelligence

SFG's global foresight research team has used over 50 parameters to analyse the commitment, strength and infrastructure of countries in these spheres in the context of their internal and global economic strength and compared them on weights developed from the studied parameters. Thus, economic growth matters but not by itself. Advancement in science and technology, good governance and peace are critical for shaping the destiny of a nation. The research outcome shows that 21 countries are likely to lead the world from 2020 to 2050 and perhaps beyond.

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