New governance for better future?

December 19, 2016
By Dr. Shaofeng Jia

No matter you are American, Arabian, Brazilian, British, Chinese, French, Indian, or from other countries or regions, no matter you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or of other religion or atheist, you are a member of Human destiny community.

All the people in the world share one Earth. We live together with the finiteness of the Earth, including its space, resources and the environment. Our population should not override the Earth. Anthropogenic adverse impact on the life-supporting ecological system should not damage its basic functions. But we already face many risks such as environmental pollution, natural resources exhaustion, ecological degradation and global warming.

What’s worse are the fierce conflicts and fighting between different countries and people while the whole of humanity faces such huge challenges. Terrorist attacks are tearing up the hearts of kind people.

If no change is brought, then there is no bright future for all of us. Can human wisdom guide us to find a new global governance mechanism to guarantee the sustainable development of our human destiny community?

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