Will mankind have the wisdom to survive on Earth?

October 10, 2016
By Arun Kumar

The following article is part of the SFG publication “Big Questions of Our time: The World Speaks”. To access the full publication please click here.


In my view, the most significant issue for the twenty first century is whether mankind will have the wisdom to survive on Earth? 

The last century has seen massive changes in social political and economic realms but lacking a long term perspective. Technology has created a mist for the future leading to short termism and inability to understand the long term consequences of our actions. 

The speed of change is so great that by the time we realize that a mistake has been made it is too late to correct of it. Technology is outstripping social change.

Consequently, there is growing atomization of people, decline in collective functioning and alienation. The result is deteriorating environment, growing inequity, rise in social strife and failure of governance in many parts of the world. 

Mankind needs to be circumspect in moving forward.

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