Any hope for the worldwide coral reefs?

October 3, 2016
By Dr. Baruch Rinkevich

The following article is part of the SFG publication “Big Questions of Our time: The World Speaks”. To access the full publication please click here.


Once acknowledging the vital ecological importance of coral reefs and their fundamental roles in sustaining hundreds of millions of people worldwide, it is dismaying to realize that over the last four decades about 40% of the global coral-reef system has been lost, a process galloping at 1-2% per year, not considering the developing global change impacts that are exacerbated by further severe anthropogenic pressures. 

Thus, coral reefs, while exhibiting exceptional bio-diversity and importance to humans, are exposed to multiple persisting and increasing envisaged threats. These stressors, and notwithstanding all traditional conservation management measures implemented so far, would lead to loss of up to 70% of reef area within four decades or to their phase shift. 

What should we do to revive coral reefs on the global level?

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