Will Justice Prevail

July 2016
By Dr. Antonio Jorge Ramalho

The idea of justice and fairness will dominate the 21st century.

Common citizens understand their place in the world and know how the rich live.  Citizens repudiate inequalities, particularly when they are in the wrong side of it. Globalization spread information, technology empowered people, interdependence pushed historical processes to a point of no return.

Power has shifted from states to individuals, who want legitimate governments, whose rule depends both on their appropriate selection and on acceptable performance. Tensions between individuals’ and common interests will increase, as productivity grows and economic crises increasingly result from problems of redistribution, rather than from deprivation.

Unrests will spread as a result of inequalities; Revolts tend to become commonplace because of a widespread sense of unfairness.

Climate change will affect people unevenly, imposing higher cost on the poor, who will seek for the scarcest of the commodities: leadership. And leaders will have to push for a more fair, prosperous, and sustainable world.

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