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  • The Guardian of the East
    August 5, 2013 By Sahiba Trivedi

    Sahiba Trivedi analyzes how the present efforts being made by China in the Korean peninsula may add to its credibility as an emerging superpower.

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  • Can Regional Cooperation Mitigate the Impact of Natural Disasters?
    August 3, 2013 By Aneesha Kumar

    The effects of global warming and climate change are becoming more visible with each passing calamity. Is Regional Cooperation the ticket to effective and efficient Disaster Preparedness and Management in the future?

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  • The Absence of Foresight
    July 2013 By Ambika Vishwanath

    The absence of foresight and the inability to read the pulse of a nation will ultimately lead to the downfall of any political leader, as we are increasingly experiencing across the Middle East...

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  • Can Nawaz Sharif Save Pakistan’s Economy?
    July 2013 By Anumita Raj

    Anumita examines whether Nawaz Sharif can save Pakistan's flagging economy...

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  • Saving Syria: are we ready for Jus Post Bellum?
    June 2013 By Shweta Desai

    After failing diplomatically to end the Syrian civil unrest, the international community is arming rebel groups. They must now be ready to own up to the responsibility that will follow after the war...

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  • Criminalising Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict: The Libya Story
    June 2013 By Diana Philip

    Diana looks at the significance of a Libyan bill which seeks to make rape during armed conflict a war crime...

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  • Will They Attack Us?
    August 2012 By Sundeep Waslekar

    Sundeep Waslekar examines circumstances that would bring about the biggest paradigm shift on the earth. 

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  • Exceeding the mandate: judicial activism in Pakistan
    August 2012 By Anumita Raj

    Anumita Raj examines recent incidents in Pakistan that point towards an activist Supreme Court.

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