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  • The Pakistan Army’s Existential Folly
    September, 2009 By Rohit Honawar

    Former President Pervez Musharraf’s admission that Pakistan has been using US military aid intended for the ‘war on terror’ to strengthen defences against India, is a candid reinforcement by a Pakistani leader of a fact which should come as no surprise to the Indian establishment. 

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  • Ba’ath Troubles Reveal External Interference in Iraq
    September, 2009 By Gitanjali Bakshi

    The first few weeks of September were host to a series of mudslinging events between Syria and Iraq. The Iraqi administration accused Syria of housing Ba’athists suspected of perpetrating the August truck-blasts in Baghdad; the Syrians challenged them for concrete evidence. Iraq then demanded that Syria hand over the suspects and Syria responded with a flat refusal. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki went so far as to request for an international tribunal to settle the dispute but the Syrians insisted that they would not betray those who took sanctuary within their territory, as Maliki himself had done during Saddam’s reign. 

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  • Harmony in the Middle Kingdom
    September, 2009 By Sahiba Trivedi

    Chinese President Hu Jintao has promised the people of China a politically and socially stable society. The government is working towards its goal of ‘hexie shehui’ meaning “a harmonious society” through sustainable development and people’s welfare programs. These days China is witnessing an unprecedented number of public protests, demonstrations and violence. These displays of social friction seem to be multiplying every year. Will this brewing unrest culminate in another violent spectacle like the Tiananmen Square tragedy? That seems unlikely at this time; however these displays of public frustration do represent a fundamental threat to a harmonious Chinese society - today and in the years to come, if the issues behind them are not addressed.

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  • Southern Stalemate – Time to Change
    September, 2009 By Joyanto Mukherjee

    When Barack Obama was elected the 43rd President of the United States, there were many who started scripting the start of a new era; an era which would offer a lot of diplomacy, dialogue and discussion. He was seen as the man who would undo a lot of the actions made by the Bush Administration and would again start making friends across the globe. This included a vast majority sitting in the continent south of the United States as even they were looking forward to the start of better ties with their northern brother. It’s almost a year now since that historic election, but little has changed.

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  • EU, Turkey and the World in 2030
    August, 2009 By Sundeep Waslekar

    Sundeep Waslekar comments on the question of Turkey's membership of the European Union.

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  • ‘Swine Flu’ and India – Are we panicking unnecessarily?
    August, 2009 By Rohit Honawar

    The hysteria surrounding the outbreak of H1N1, or the more colloquial and misrepresentative name ‘Swine Flu’, has dominated the national and perhaps less so, global psyche for a few months. The rate at which the virus has spread has been disproportionate to the media coverage received in India, which has not shied from painting a virtual apocalyptic scenario – understandable, given their fixation for maximizing TRP ratings. 

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  • Urbanity, Identity And The New Middle East
    August, 2009 By Gitanjali Bakshi

    Cities today make up a sizeable share of the Middle East. More than half of the population (300 million) in the Arab world lives in cities. In fact, after Latin America, the Middle East boasts the fastest rate of urbanization amongst the developing world. 

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  • Afghanistan’s Elections – A future of possibilities
    August, 2009 By Ambika Vishwanath

    Afghanistan’s elections are a complicated exercise in democracy. A raging insurgency in the south threatened to close voting centers, and cut of the fingers of those who have had the courage to vote and sport the indelible ballot ink. Despite these threats, people came out, albeit in small numbers, to express their desire for change. 

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